Saturday, October 2, 2010

HaASL Radio Show 9/25/10

  1. Dan Deacon- “Wham City”

  2. Gowns- “Feathers”

  3. Guided by Voices- “Expecting Brainchild”

  4. Best Coast- “Sun Was High (So Was I)”

  5. The Hold Steady- “Your Little Hoodrat Friend”

  6. Blue Water White Death- “Song for the Greater Jihad”

  7. Devendra Banhart- “Poughkeepsie”

  8. Grouper- “Heavy Water/I'd Rather be Sleeping”

  9. Dirty Projectors- “I Will Truck”

  10. Here we Go Magic- “I Just Want to See You Under Water”

  11. The Ruby Suns- “Oh Mojave”

  12. The Microphones- “Headless Horseman”

  13. No Age- “Glitter”

  14. Real Estate- “Younger Than Yesterday”

  15. No Joy- “Heedless

  16. HEALTH- “Die Slow”

  17. Memory Tapes- “Plain Material”

  18. Animal Collective- “Safer”

  19. Jordaan Mason & the Horse Museum- “Avalanches”

  20. Junip- “Rope and Summer”

  21. Washed Out- “Belong”

  22. Mi Ami- “Echonoecho”

  23. The Mae Shi- “Massively Overwrought”

  24. Arches- “Behind Close Blinds”

  25. Twin Sister- “Meet the Frownies”

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