Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blast Eats: The Oily Menace TEN FUCKING SKULLS Hot Sauce

The Oily Menace's Kevin has kindly offered this weapons-grade habanero-based hot sauce recipe for your tastebud-eradicating pleasure, along with what is bar-none the funniest recipe I've received thus far. Even if you're a complete wimp and don't eat anything "spicier than ketchup" (I actually have a friend who defines her spice limit this exact way), read this recipe, because it rules. Also, please note: If you're preparing this recipe, DON'T FORGET A PAIR OF GLOVES. Never underestimate the habanero's power to permeate EVERY ORIFICE IN YOUR BODY.

Hardware:  Blender, pot or pan.


1-10 habaneros, depending on heat level (1 pepper for ONE FUCKING
SKULL, ten peppers for TEN FUCKING SKULLS). Stems removed and cut in half.  Leave the meat inside the pepper, it's got a lot of flavor that only posers throw away.  These are the same people who wave a 7a drumstick over a snare to dust it off and call that a blast beat. Sorry, even Rich Hoak can’t get away with that any more.

Cumin seeds (anywhere from 1 tsp to infinity, but start small).
Hopefully raw because we want to toast these.  If you’re using ground
cumin, consider getting  a spice grinder or a mortar and pestle
because fresh seeds are cheaper and have a lot more flavor.  Anyway,
start at ½ tsp with ground.

1 medium onion, chopped.  I like a red onion, but some may prefer a
large shallot.

1-2 stalks of celery, chopped.

1-1½  cups of carrots, ripped to shreds.  More carrots for a slightly
sweeter result

A whole head of real garlic.  Hard neck garlic.  Real garlic from the
farmer’s market that has some purple or red on it.  Strong garlic.
Garlic that doesn’t use triggers.  Peel ‘em all and coarsely chop.

Juice of 3 small or 2 medium limes.  You can roll the limes under the
palm of your hand before you cut them to soften them up.  It's okay if
some lime pulp gets into the recipe too.

2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.  White vinegar is NOT THE SAME,
just like the reformed Terrorizer.

One tablespoon of salt.  This is a lot of salt for this sauce, so you
don’t have to use it all, but don’t use more than this.

Oil, about a tablespoon

Water, about 3 cups.

Start with a dry pot or pan that is big enough to hold everything.
Turn the heat up to med-high and once the pan is hot drop the cumin
seeds in.  As soon as one or two of them pop, or you smell them
toasting then turn off the heat, and dump them into your grinder or
mortar…and grind. They should be done toasting by the time you get
through the long version of Metal Attitude Sucks by Larm, or
Starvation by Siege.  If you’re using powered cumin skip this
altogether but you should still listen to Larm.

Next place a small amount of oil in the pan, return to medium heat.
Once the oil is hot place in the onions, celery, and carrots.  Do you
know what a sweat is?  You probably do after this insanely hot summer
we have had, but in this case it means to soften the vegetables and
concentrate flavor.  Do this with a pinch of the salt to help draw out
moisture.  Kitchen veterans might note that is a mirepoix, but with a
bit less celery.  This will take longer than the Thin Lizzy song Cold
Sweat, but should be done in a Whiskey in the Jar, or a Remembering pt 2.  If it starts to brown, it's too hot.

Next add the habaneros and ½ of the garlic.  If you happen to have
started Defeatist’s last LP when you added the peppers, they will
probably be done somewhere near the start of Choking the Light, or
Lament.  If you don’t have that LP…get it.

Okay, let's blend.  Put the lime juice, vinegar, and remaining raw
garlic in the blender and spin ‘til it's smooth.  Then add the hot
stuff and blend ‘til it's super smooth.  If you need to learn about

Once the sauce is thick and smooth, you can thin it out to the desired consistency with some water.  I usually add about a cup, but some people want a much thinner sauce.  This will only thicken a small
amount when cooled.

Add salt to taste, and bottle!  If you use a canning jar it's usually hot enough to make a seal.  Once opened it keeps for about a month.

Acid Shark- Bombs Away Demo 2012

Genre conventions are a funny animal. We, as music fans, will at one time or another all complain (to anyone willing to listen) about the strictures of genre and how its stifles creativity. Yet skew one element in a way we’re not expecting, and we balk instantly.

Enter my introduction to Acid Shark. Drummer Lee sent me the standard e-mail asking if I’d like to review the record, along with the equally standard links to some contextual info. After browsing their bio and finding a comfortingly familiar blend that included Repulsion, Terrorizer, 324 and Napalm Death, I mentally agreed, deciding to hit YouTube before answering back only to make sure that they weren’t some cleverly camouflaged bedroom e-grind band.

I decided upon one of the three demo tracks (“Anger,” I believe), and the instrumental racket that first met my ears was of a similarly familiar and comforting nature. Around 30 seconds into the track, I was prepared to find some variation on a screamed vocal. However, rather than this genre standard, I met with something quite different.

Acid Shark’s vocals take the form of a shout-speak snarl so well-enunciated that practically all of the lyrics are discernible without reading them.  While this approach would sound common enough on a crust-punk record, its presence on something touted as grindcore was enough to give me pause before responding to Lee in the affirmative.

Some reference for former vocalist Matteo’s surprisingly clear bark can be found in 324’s Masao, an obvious influence. Other similarities can be found in Mick Harris’ vocals for Unseen Terror, minus the blurring speed-rap delivery found on some UT material. Still, even compared to these, the degree of clarity in the vocals is arresting; Matteo lacks the gruffness of Masao or the aforementioned speed of Mick Harris, so when lyrics fall flat, as the average grindcore lyrics are wont to do, that fact becomes painfully clear to all but the most unobservant listeners.

Firmly anchored in the old school, Acid Shark’s guitar work recalls the consummation of the 80's teenage gropings between punk and metal that would eventually beget grindcore.  The band packs tone and riffage so middle-grounded between the two that I had to scrap a potential lead for this paragraph because I simply couldn’t choose which genre signifier to pin on it. Their grind stays militantly planted in the linearity of something like Terrorizer’s World Downfall; out of the many early grind touchstones that inspired the songs on this demo, I can say with a degree of certainty that Sore Throat’s Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid and Unhindered by Talent probably aren’t two that feature prominently.

Title track “Bombs Away” opens the set, and while it’s the shortest to be found here at 1:37, it doesn’t bring the blistering speed expected in most shortest-song grind tracks. Instead, it introduces another unexpected twist along with Acid Shark’s grindcore: choruses. While all three tracks follow a verse/chorus structure, “Bombs Away” (with its chorus consisting only of the words “Bombs away!” repeated six times) comes up short on ideas (if long on energy) and winds up a bit repetitive.

“Anger,” the 3rd and final track on the demo, comes off as the most successful cut of the bunch. The track opens with a headbanging, old-school groove that it rides until a half-second jolt of silence ushers Matteo in. At that moment, the whole band surges forward, the vocals taking on a thrash-indebted urgency  thanks to the song’s longer line structures and wordier (in a good way) lyrics. Besides containing some of the demo’s fastest playing, the song also contains its most complex chorus, meaning that you don’t mind hearing it repeated 3 times. This is the song to hope future AS efforts sound like, and it’s the best indication that they’ve got something exciting to offer on their next releases.

Convention will probably keep most fans of modern grind at arm’s length, but crust-lovers and open-minded modernists will discover a skillfully-delivered demo outing that forecasts good things if the band continues to refine the blueprint laid out on these tracks.

The Bombs Away Demo 2012 is available here for download and streaming.

As touched upon within the review, vocalist Matteo has split amicably with the band, and they are currently seeking a replacement.  Any interested parties can record a demo over this karaoke version of “Anger” and send it to band@acidshark.co.uk for consideration. It's probably a good idea to be in the UK if you actually want to be considered, but either way, send 'em a demo, 'cause extreme music karaoke rules.

While Delaware isn’t anywhere close to being in the UK, I couldn’t resist recording my own vocal demo, so if you’d like, check it out here

[Note: The band sent me a digital copy for review.]

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blast Eats: thedowngoing Nachos

This is the first post I'm writing from my new apartment in Delaware, so I hope that there won't be too much lag between this post and the next one. The Aussie grinders in thedowngoing just released their newest full length ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS last month, and it turns out that grind isn't the only thing that they do extreme. Drummer Muzz (who Mathias tells me is a huge fan of insane food shows like Man v. Food and Epic Meal Time) brings us a killer plate of nachos perfect for your next party (or to dare your friends to finish in one sitting).

Muzz Makes Nachos

Ingredients: Ground Beef/Mince meat ~500g =$5
             Mozzarella cheese (shredded) ~500g =$5
             Seasoning mix ~30g =$1
             Corn chips ~200g =$3
             Sour cream ~300ml =$2
             1 Spanish/red onion
             1 Capsicum/pepper
             1 shallot/spring onion =$2

Nachos are the undisputed champions of taste. If you do this right it will offer you a temporary state of contentment which is all too rare to find these days. First get ~$20 and go shopping (Sydney prices here, I assume its cheaper everywhere else) There's potential to feed an army so either go all out (party)or save some leftovers. Cook up the meat, and season in a fry pan, Add some Tabasco? for spice. Get a baking dish (or 2) and stack Corn chips, then meat, then cheese. 2 layers is optimal. Cook that shit in the oven, should take about 15 min. While this is happening dice up the veggies into a pile. Pull out your Nachos when golden, top with chopped veggies and sour cream.
So that's pretty much it. I recommend consumption while listening to thedowngoing's new CD ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS, and your favourite bottle of beer or cola. Respect each other and enjoy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blast Eats: Wretch Slow Roast Pork Belly with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

I knew I'd find people in bands that loved to cook as much I do when I started this feature. I just wasn't prepared for how good they'd be at it. For this installment, Duncan from Australia's Wretch brings us this wretchedly fantastic-sounding recipe for roasted pork belly that I'm dying to give a go as soon as I can scrape up the cash. (Also—truffle oil in scrambled eggs? I might shell out the arm and a leg for truffle oil too, just so I can test-drive that concept for myself.) 

You’ll need:

·         Pork belly (I’ve been using pieces around ½ kilo – 1 kilo in size, but it’s easy to adjust cooking times to suit)
·         Mushrooms (a cup or two)
·         Truffle oil (not strictly necessary, but is completely awesome if you can get it –a splash in scrambled eggs is fucking fantastic)
·         Garlic (a clove or two of the fresh stuff, or some of that minced stuff in jar)
·         Cream
·         Butter, one knob (tee hee)
·         Olive oil
·         Salt
·         Sage (ground)

Cooking the pork belly

Preheat your oven to 240° Celsius (which is 460° Farenheit or about 513 Kelvin).

Using a sharp knife score the pork belly skin and fat in a crisscross pattern (lines an inch or two apart).

Dry the skin with paper towel or a tea towel, and rub olive oil (about half a cup) and salt (a couple of tablespoons) into the skin. This makes the crackling awesome.

Put the pork belly skin-side up in a roasting pan (if you have one, put the meat on a roasting rack and put a cup or two of water in the bottom of the pan to keep the meat moist; this isn’t necessary, but it’s a nice touch).

Cook at this temperature (240° Celsius / 460° Farenheit) for 15 minutes. This high heat gets the crackling started nicely before we turn down the temperature to slow-cook the meat and render the fat.

Turn down the heat on the over to 160° Celsius (320° Farenheit) and cook for one hour. If you have a larger piece of pork belly, adjust the cooking time to suit. I’d cook 2 kg of pork belly for 2½ – 3 hours. The cooking temperature is very low, so you can afford to be imprecise and not worry about ruining the meat too much.

Take the meat out of the pan and fry it skin-side down on a high-heat BBQ, griddle or frypan with a good thick coating of olive oil until the crackling is good and crispy (takes about 10 minutes – if the crackling starts burning, turn down the heat a bit).

Allow the meat to rest while you cook the sauce.

Cooking the sauce

Heat up a saucepan (medium-high heat) and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Fry up a cup or two of mushrooms (sliced thick or thin, whatever you prefer) along with some garlic (a clove or two of the fresh stuff, or a teaspoon or so of the minced stuff that comes in a jar) and add a few tablespoons of water if the pan starts getting too dry.

When the mushrooms are cooked, turn the heat to low and chuck in a teaspoon or two of ground sage, a knob of butter (about a tablespoon), a good splash of cream, and (if you have it) a dash of truffle oil. If you don’t have truffle oil and want to give the sauce a bit of zing, you can use a teaspoon or two of mustard.

Cook the sauce down a bit (you can thicken it quickly by mixing a teaspoon of plain flour with a small amount of water and gradually adding this to sauce) before serving.

Best served with roast potatoes, a stack of vegetables, beer and wine … then some scotch, maybe a scoob.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


“The truth about the world, he said, is that anything is possible. Had you not seen it all from birth and thereby bled it of its strangeness it would appear to you for what it is, a hat trick in a medicine show, a fevered dream, a trance bepopulate with chimeras having neither analogue nor precedent, an itinerant carnival, a migratory tentshow whose ultimate destination after many a pitch in a many a mudded field is unspeakable and calamitous beyond reckoning.” - Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian or the Evening Redness in the West (1985)

Some of the best grind bands can be described by such adjectives as “unrelenting,” “piercing” and “destructive.” Those words speak to some of the most intriguing traits of the genre, and epitomize what I love about some of my favorite records. Yet every so often, a band like thedowngoing comes along and makes those adjectives seem quaint.

thedowngoing are noisegrind for the Discordance Axis set: relentlessly distorted and punishingly abrasive, yet technically adept enough that the noise and chaos remains a conscious artistic choice. As much of a car wreck as ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS may at times seem, it’s all J.G. Ballard precision, not haphazard evening news violence.

“the nature of numbers” rides shifting, sideways riffing and blasting, always just short of being engulfed by a wake of noise. The brief “floorboards” opens on a tantalizing technical riff before stumble-twirling into a slower, heavy section that drunkenly moshes in and out of blasts before collapsing with one last scream of agony. That noise always nipping at the heels of other tracks fully submerges “untitled,” the record’s 8th track, instrumentation, vocals and samples rolling over each other and never quite gathering their bearings until they wash up onto the shore of feedback at the track’s end.

The duo weaves samples expertly into their already thick tapestry of grinding noise. Voices and sounds shamble into and out of focus like apparitions in dense fog, adding to the conscious discomfort of the band’s aesthetic. This sidesteps the worst pitfalls surrounding sampling, its use on songs like “Vacant Caves” rendering sampled material as elements of composition rather than filigree around the piece’s frame.

Much has been (justifiably) made of Mathias Huxley’s wall-climbingly insane vocal delivery by my fellow reviewers. Descriptions of its chaotic qualities, as well as its likeness to demonic possession, however apt, belie the Large Hadron Collider-like control required to sustain performances so seemingly unhinged and free of rational interference.

Cueing up Arsedestroyer’s Teenass Revolt or Swarrrm’s Nise Kyuseishu Domo (Thee Imitation Messiahs) or Black Bong next to tracks from this record will neatly underscore the difference between chaotic-sounding and truly chaotic, improvised vocal delivery. Those records sound chaotic due to the conditions they were written and recorded under; in contrast, Mathias’ vocals are chaos as a tool toward aesthetic cohesion.

Perusal of Huxley’s lyrics (included with the physical release or available on thedowngoing’s bandcamp) reveals a shattered, poetic, free-associative lyrical style that complements the insanity of his vocal style. On songs like “the nature of numbers,”  Huxley recalls Eyehategod’s Mike Williams and his beautiful, Burroughs-indebted insanity:  “a binary fascination scratching at the ones and naughts etched in my teeth and nails bleeding coalescent  / a tectonic love circles dates months away while i spend new years eve doped up with the dogs.”  Elsewhere, the seemingly relationship-related material on songs like “snakecharmer”  echoes the disturbed, lovelorn obsessiveness of Pig Destroyer’s J.R. Hayes: “breaching my skin adrift a desert sea singing the hymns of decay  / that charm the snakes that dance inside your eyes  / now i stand an ancient ruin a relic to mourning you.”

The album’s physical release comes in the form of a handmade slimline cd. Its artwork and liner layout, though leaning toward the simplistic, manages to come off as pleasantly minimal and sidesteps the rampant garishness that the meeting of extreme music and the visual arts too often produces. The disc itself looks fantastic. Though it’s nothing more than a simple white disc hand-flecked with black paint, the final product epitomizes how DIY the release is, and the lack of a title mirrors the obscure, disorienting sounds coded onto it.

While only 3 songs and a few seconds longer than last year’s impressive Untitled EP, everything about ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS  feels more full, more complete and more thought-out, and worthy of the title of LP. Tighter songwriting and aesthetic cohesiveness means that this is their best put-together release to date, and the tightrope walk that goes on between noise and musicality makes it a must for fans of truly insane experimental grindcore. 

The release can be found on the band's Bandcamp page in pay-as-you-want digital and as a physical release.

[Note: The band sent me a copy for review.]

Friday, August 3, 2012

Blast Eats: Cloud Rat Buffalo Seitan Grinder

I figured that it was about time to kick off the band submissions, and first up, we have Rorik from Cloud Rat showing us how to put together an awesome recipe for a vegan Buffalo wing sandwich, vegan ranch dressing and all. I’m not a vegan or vegetarian anymore, but this sounds so good that it might become part of my repertoire anyway. Never fear, carnivores, I’ve got plenty of meat dish submissions as well, but trying something new never hurts either (and c’mon, how can something that’s deep-fried be bad?) Maybe next time your favorite vegan grind band plays an awesome show in your basement, you can repay them with delicious Buffalo wings before they crash on your lumpy couch.

Okay, so one of my very favorite things to eat is a Buffalo Seitan Grinder. So yummy. Homemade seitan works best, but store-bought can work. There are tons of recipes for seitan out there in books or on the interwebs. You can also get store-bought buffalo sauce and vegan ranch dressing, but fuck all that.

For the wings:

1 pound Seitan, cut into "chicken" wing shapes

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 package Soft Silken Tofu

Unsweetened plain almondmilk (as much as needed to make deep fry batter creamy)

Vegetable Oil for deep frying (high heat oil is a must)

For the sauce:

2 cups Louisiana-style hot sauce

1/2 cup vegan butter

1 Tblsp arrowroot powder

2 Tblsp cold water

salt and pepper to taste

For the vegan ranch dressing:

1 cup vegenaise

1/4 cup plain almondmilk

1 Tblsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp dried parsley

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp paprika

1/4 tsp dried dill

Whip it all together. Whisk it. Blend it. Stir it. Whatever. Wallah!

For finishing the foodstuffs:

1 sweet onion, cut into 1/4" half-onion rings

Fresh french baguette or sourdough or anything that resembles a sub / grinder, cut in half grinder style

Fresh spinach

Vegan mozzarella cheese

Have three bowls ready. Put flour in one bowl. In another, whisk the silken tofu with the almondmilk, adding almondmilk little by little until it turns into a creamy substance that runs a bit. The third bowl should be big, and with a paper towel lining it.

Dip the seitan in the flour, then the creamy mixture, then the flour again. You can do this a few times if you want a really thick layer of fried goodness. So bad for you, hell yeah.

So yeah, deep fry them shits, and once they are a light gold-ish color, put them in the bowl with the paper towel lining it to drain the leftover oil.

After the seitan is all done being deep fried, make the sauce: Heat the hot sauce and butter together in a saucepan. At the same time in a separate bowl, stir the cold water and the arrowroot powder together to make a slurry. When the butter is completely melted, heat it up real hot til it bubbles and then add the arrowroot slurry. Turn off the heat and stir it up mad for a good minute til it thickens up a bit. Add the salt and pepper, mix. Toss the deep fried seitan wings in it till they are slathered up good.

Heat an oven up to 450 degrees. On a cookie sheet, put ya bread down in pairs of slices, as many as you can fit (pending on how many folks you are feeding I suppose). You can spread olive oil on the back sides of your bread if desired as well. On one slice, put the veg mozz cheese all over it. On the other slice, put the buffalo seitan wings and onions (you can fry those separate too if ya want). Bake for a bit, until the cheese is bubbling/melted. Don't burn this shit.

Take the cookie sheet out. Add leftover buffalo sauce if you want. Smother it in vegan ranch dressing, and put lots of spinach in it. Put the slices together, and now you have one hell of a sandwich.

I know it sounds like a lot of work, but you can do all of this within an hour, no big deal. Especially if you have someone helping, makes a world of difference. FUCKING TRY IT BECAUSE IT'S REALLY GOOD I PROMISE.

Love Rorik / Cloud Rat

Thursday, August 2, 2012

HaaSL Grindcore Radio 7/26/12

As some of you may know, I host an indie rock radio show at my alma mater for the last time this summer before my girlfriend and I move down to Delaware. While I love doing the indie rock broadcasts, this blog and my general obsession with grindcore have had me constantly wishing I'd picked up an extra slot for a grind show. So, since these shows might be the last radio shows I host (and will definitely be the last radio shows on which I get to play music that I actually like) I put together an all-grindcore radio show with a fairly gigantic tracklist as a kind of last-hurrah extreme music show. I always think I sound dumb when I listen to my broadcasts (and admittedly, these aren't my favorite on-air segments I've ever done) but overall it came out kind of sick, so I figured that anyone who reads this blog might like a listen. You can find the full tracklist (broken into two parts) and Soundcloud links to the show below (feel free to download if you like it or to listen to it if streaming is acting weird).

Part 1

Cloud Rat- “Parachute” from their forthcoming split with Republic of Dreams
Suffering Mind- “Dystopicarus” from their split with Phobia
Death Toll 80K- “Profiting on Fear” from Harsh Realities
Wormrot- “Perpetual Extinction” from the Noise EP
Rise Above- “Collect” from I Love to Relax
Priapus- “$12.50” from their split with Old Painless
Sakatat- “Ne Değişti?/Onlara İhtiyacımız Yok” from Bir Devrin Sonu
Ablach- “Christie of the Cleek” from Dha
The Oily Menace- “Fluid Privacy” [Unreleased]
Amputee- “Barren Fields” from their split with Nimbus Terrifix
Cellgraft- “Aphasia” from Deception Schematic
Bloody Phoenix- “Damned Since Birth” from their split with Black Hole of Calcutta
Kill the Client- “The Rest is Over (Nasum cover)” from A Tribute to Nasum


Syntax- “Shape Shifter” from Syntax 2012
thedowngoing- “the economic relationship between productivity & suffering” from ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS
Self Deconstruction- “The Anger Which I Wait For” from the Self Deconstruction EP
The Afternoon Gentlemen- “Kill a Banker” from their split with Suffering Mind
The Kill- “Trolley Pushing Zombies” from the Shower of Bricks EP
Chiens- “Automat Kalashnikova 1947” from their Self-Titled LP
Psudoku- “Possible UniveRSZ” from Space Grind
KiKurachiyo [鞠螺千世]- “Lilith [Shoegrindz]” from Sketchgrind
Three Faces of Eve- “The Culling” from Demo 2007
Cyness- “Preussenpower” from their self-titled LP
Defeatist- “Funeral Loathing” from Tyranny of Decay
Noisear- “Nada” [Unreleased]
Sete Star Sept- “Meltdown” from their split with Penis Geyser
Republic of Dreams- “An Enlightened Macho is Still a Macho” from a forthcoming split with Cloud Rat
Morphic Lapse- “Inundation of Cerebral Error” from Morphic Lapse Demo


Femtekolonnare- “Och bilen går bra” from Välkommen till Växjö
Shaken Baby- “Shades” from Phantasmagoria
False Light- “Rotting Teeth” from their selt-titled LP
Idiots Parade- “Tma” from their split with Abortion
Torch Runner- “Feeding” from Committed to the Ground
Psychic Limb- “Untitled 7” from Queens
Lycanthrophy- “Tighten Your Belts” from their self-titled LP
Gripe- “Go For the Throat” from The Future Doesn’t Need You
Past Tense- “The Dangers of Excessive Marijuana Use” from Demonstration
Iron Lung- “Stone Hands” from Sexless//No Sex
Backslider- “Idiot Hymns” from the Maladapted EP
Robocop- “Room 641A” from the Dead Language, Foreign Bodies split with Detroit
Cannabass- “Bury the Hatchet… Neck Deep” from Gravitational Pull A Rip in Time-Space


Excruciating Terror- “Ignorance is Bliss” from Divided We Fall
Catheter- “Brink of Extinction” from Dimension 303
In Disgust- “I Can’t Forget” from Reality Choke
Black Hole of Calcutta- “Genetic Control” from Black Hole of Calcutta S/T #2
Evisorax- “Generation Control” from Isle of Dogs
Carcass Grinder- “Pansy” from their split with Insect Warfare
Buried at Birth- “Tear My Face Off” from their Discography LP
Nemesis Complex- “Relentless Grinding Eradication” from Enemy
Super Fun Happy Slide- “Gastrological Ventriloquist” from The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario
Black Army Jacket- “Pathogen” from Closed Casket
S.O.B.- “I’m a Dreamer” from Don’t Be Swindle
Red- “Maximum Terror” from Demo
Slight Slappers- “Tokyo Power Violence” from A Selfish World Called Freedom

Part 2

God’s America- “Latter Day/Fickle” from their God’s Junk split with Human Junk
Warsore- “Six Million Slaughtered” from Open Wound
Gore Beyond Necropsy- “Raw Grinding Filth” from Go! Filth Go!!!!
Arsedestroyer- “Untitled 27” from Teenass Revolt
Entrails Massacre- “Hillbilly Rockers” from Crucial Strikes With Attitude
Regurgitate- “Drenched in Cattleblood” from Carnivorous Erection
Narayama- “Manipulado” from Split Tracks
Archagathus- “Insanity Dog” from Canadian Horse
DxIxE- “Sick Stink Hours of Torture” from their split with Realized
Chulo- “Hombre vs. Tombo” from their split with Gripe
+HIRS+- “Gay Magic” from The First 100 Songs
Cogs & Sprockets- “Parades of Greed” from Black Friday EP
Unholy Grave- “Suicide Bombers” from their split LP with Mass Separation


Assück- “October Revolution” from Anticapital
Discordance Axis- “Information Sniper” from their split with Melt-Banana
Insect Warfare- “Digital Target” from their split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Retaliation- “Sweden With Burn to the Ground” from The Cost of Redemption
Dephosphorus- “Stargazing and Violence” from their split 7” with Great Falls
yacøpsæ- “Antagonismus” from Tanz Grosny Tanz


C.S.S.O.- “Cosmic Super Strong Ordure” from Are You Excrements?
Asterisk- “Syntax of Limbo” from Dogma
Swarrrm- “Sky” from Black Bong