Friday, October 22, 2010

HaASL Radio Show 10/02/10

  1. Deerhunter- “Helicopter”

  2. Procedure Club- “Dictionary of Psychology”

  3. Fox Hands- “Branches”

  4. School of Seven Bells- “Face to Face on High Places”

  5. Gem Club- “Sevens”

  6. Computer Magic- “Victory Gin”

  7. Candy Claws- “The Sun is My Girl”

  8. Dead Gaze- “Take Me Home or I Die Alone”

  9. Dan Deacon- “Snookered”

  10. Neon Indian- “Sleep Paralysist”

  11. Botany- “Feeling Today”

  12. CVLTS- “Microrangers”

  13. Twin Sister- “The Other Side of Your Face”

  14. The Antlers- “Kettering”

  15. Best Coast- “Boyfriend”

  16. LCD Soundsystem- “Losing My Edge”

  17. Baths- “Hall”

  18. Lullatone- “The Bedtime Beatbox”

  19. Das Racist- “Puerto Rican Cousins”

  20. Shabazz Palaces- “Barksdale Corners”

  21. Aesop Rock- “Coffee (Clean)”

  22. Shad- “Yaa I Get It”

  23. Brown Study- “Just Be”

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