Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HaASL Winter Break Grind/Metal Show

Just in case anybody cares, I'll be doing a grindcore/metal show every Wednesday from 10 PM to midnight at my university's radio station until winter break is over. Since it's not a late-night slot, I'll have to play some normal radio music in there as well, so feel free to give me suggestions. If you're so inclined, you can catch it tomorrow night 10 pm-midnight Eastern time at this link (just click the "Listen Live Now!" link in the upper right-hand corner:) http://www.susqu.edu/orgs/wqsu-fm/index.html

I'll try to post the playlists for those up, too; I forgot last week, and I didn't remember what songs I played off of the station computers, so I didn't bother just posting up my own playlist.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

HaASL Radio Show 12/18/10

1. Julianna Barwick- “The Magic Place”
2. Matthew Dear- “Little People (Black City)”
3. Toro y Moi- “Still Sound”
4. Neon Indian- “Children of the Revolution (T. Rex cover)”
5. Waskerly Way- “Energy Legs”
6. Games- “Strawberry Skies (feat. Laurel Halo)”
7. The Ruby Suns- “Dusty Fruit”
8. Blackbird Blackbird- “Sunspray”
9. Beach Fossils- “Calyer”
10. My Teenage Stride- “Message”
11. Campfires- “Chasing Planets”
12. The Jameses- “Fifth Dimension”
13. Monster Rally- “Rainbow Rd.”
14. Tough Troubles- “Radiation Sickness”
15. Soft Powers- “I Began to Cringe at Eight Ten”
16. Still Corners- “Endless Summer”
17. Cough Cool- “Sucker”
18. Metal Mountains- “Structures in the Sun”
19. Mutual Benefit- “Nite Bike”
20. Nightlands- “300 Clouds”
21. Foxes in Fiction- “School Night”
22. Sunshower Orphans- “Sunnyside Blues”
23. Witch Gardens- “Standard Poodle”
24. Beach House- “I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun”
25. Candy Claws- “Snow Bridge”
26. Tape Deck Mountain- “Blue Xmas”
27. Banjo or Freakout- “Frosty the Snowman”
28. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band- “Autumn's Child”

Friday, December 17, 2010

HaASL Radio Show 12/11/10

1. Ducktails- "Killin' the Vibe"
2. Wet Hair- "In the Garden of the Pharoahs"
3. The Deeep- "Mudd"
4. EMA- "The Grey Ship"
5. Phillip Oskar Augustine- "It's a Sad World"
6. Mushy- "Too Far"
7. La Femme- "Sur La Plache"
8. Keep Shelly in Athens- "Fokionos Negri Street"
9. Computer Magic- "The End of Time"
10. Puro Instinct- "Stilyagi"
11. The Nightgowns- "Cosmic Clancy"
12. Tearjerker- "Noah"
13. The Babies- "Run Me Over"
14. Reading Rainbow- "Euphoria"
15. Galleries & Foxes in Fiction- "Borders"
16. Kissing Party- "Winter in the Pub"
17. James Blake- "CMYK"
18. Games- "My Plants are Dead (Remix of Blonde Redhead)"
19. Phone Tag- "Let it Go"
20. Young Galaxy- "Cover Your Tracks"
21. Pure Ecstasy- "Voices"
22. Aux Arc- "Round House"
23. Dent May- "Holiday Face"
24. Crystal Stilts- "Practically Immaculate"
25. Los Campesinos!- "Kindle a Flame in Your Heart"

HaASL Radio Show 12/4/10

1. Perfume Genius- "Dreeem"
2. Jordaan Mason- "Invite"
3. Joanna Newsom- "Cassiopeia"
4. Woodsman- "Serfer"
5. Weed Diamond- "Honesty"
6. Grimes- "Zoal, Face Dancer"
7. Wet Wings- "Stockholm"
8. Candy Claws- "The Breathing Fire"
9. Young Magic- "Sparkly"
10. Millionyoung- "Soft Denial"
11. Blackbird Blackbird- "Erasers"
12. Forest Spirits- "Swiss Palm"
13. Baby Jazz- "Song for the Season"
14. Seapony- "Late Summer"
15. Air Waves- "Radio"
16. Teen Daze- "Beach Dreams"
17. Jeans Wilder- "Sparkler"
18. That Ghost- "To Like You"
19. Eternal Summers- "A Salty Salute (Guided by Voices)"
20. Sun Araw- "Canopy"
21. The Numerators- "Strawberry Dreams"
22. Jonny Telefone- "Doomed in Love"
23. Manic Attracts- "Death of Your Heart"
24. Kyo Itachi- "Noire (feat. StaHHr)"
25. Monster Rally- "Drip Drip"
26. Emay- "Human Bomb (They Know)"
27. Moe Pope- "Rock Me I"
28. Invincible- "Shapeshifters"
29. Hexsagon- "April in Paris"
30. Homebody Sandman- "Calm Tornado"
31. Camu Tao- "Plot for a Little"

HaASL Radio Show 11/27/10

1. Destroyer- "Chinatown"
2. Memoryhouse- "Heirloom"
3. Tape Deck Mountain- "P.I."
4. On Volcano- "The Explorer"
5. Catwalk- "No Room for Love"
6. Wild Nothing- "Your Rabbit Feet"
7. Atlas Sound- "Terrarium"
8. Devendra Banhart- "When the Sun Shone on Vetiver"
9. Piresian Beach- "Tambourine Girl"
10. Radical Face- "Doorways"
11. Painted Palms- "All of Us"
12. Houses- "Talamak (Toro y Moi cover)"
13. Lord Huron- "Mighty"
14. Velvet Davenport- "Lemon"
15. Reading Rainbow- "I See Light"
16. Childhood- "Blue-Velvet"
17. Pill Wonder- "My Valuable Hunting"
18. Weed- "Release Party"
19. Rollerskates- "Boyhood"
20. Pure Ecstasy- "Alexandria"
21. Labyrinth Ear- "White Gold"
22. Warm Ghost- "Open the Wormhole in Your Heart"
23. Emily Reo- "On the Beach (Neil Young cover)"
24. Wonder Bear- "We Found the Egg"
25. We Like Cats- "Ruff-a-Lution Dub"
26. Indigochild- "Watcher"
27. BL§§D ØU†- "§PNNR§"

HaASL Radio Show 11/20/10

1. VALLEYS- "The Cold Cold Skinny"
2. Home Video- "The Smoke"
3. Fox Hands- "Patella"
4. Cough Cool- "Sup Girls in the '60s"
5. Minks- "Cemetery Rain"
6. Velvet Davenport- "Get Out (feat. Ariel Pink & Gary War)"
7. Sun Araw- "Horse Steppin' "
8. Coolrunnings- "San Dimas Oasis"
9. White Fence- "Lillian (Won't You Play Drums)"
10. Matthew Dear- "Gem"
11. Yanqui- "Hiding Places"
12. Grimes- "My Sister Says the Saddest Things"
13. Miracles Club- "A New Love"
14. Tooth Ache.- "New Skin"
15. Pina Chulada- "Appropriate Stranger"
16. Com Truise- "Sundriped"
17. Toro y Moi- "Timed Pleasure"
18. Blackbird Blackbird- "Modern Disbelief"
19. Emily Reo- "I'll Never Live by the Coast"
20. Radio Dept.- "The New Improved Hypocrisy"
21. Power Animal- "Better Water"
22. Monster Rally- "Birds Pt. 1"
23. Gauntlet Hair- "Heave"
24. Tyvek- "Underwater To"
25. Kurt Vile- "Invisibility: Nonexistent"
26. The Tallest Man on Earth- "Like the Wheel"

HaASL Radio Show 11/13/10

1. Glasser- "Home"
2. Dream Boat- "oOchre"
3. Teen Daze- "Watch Over Me"
4. Banjo or Freakout- "105"
5. Women- "Narrow With the Hall"
6. Weekend- "End Times"
7. Tree Hopping- "Tough Summer"
8. Diamond Rings- "Something Else"
9. ARMS- "Heat & Hot Water"
10. Wild Nothing- "Golden Haze"
11. The Radio Dept.- "The One"
12. Young Galaxy- "Peripheral Visionaries"
13. Memory House- "Running Out of You (Remix of Keep Shelly in Athens)"
14. Tennis- "Take Me Somewhere"
15. Seapony- "With You"
16. Pigeons- "Sunset Park"
17. Ducktails- "Dorm Room"
18. Dead Gaze- "This Big World"
19. Tonstartssbandht- "Shot to La Parc"
20. James Pants- "Darlin' "
21. Growing- "Rave Pie Only"
22. Animal Collective- "What Happened?"
23. Wise Blood- "Rot My Brain Away"
24. Bananas Symphony- "To Love Somebody"
25. Natural Snow Buildings- "Guns & Rifles"
26. Cemeteries- "Watching the Skies or Walking Home on October 31st"
27. Deer Tick- "Piece"

HaASL Radio Show 11/06/10

1. El Guincho- "Bombay"
2. Chad Valley- "Ensoniq Funk"
3. Koralleven- "Honey Mine (ft. Victoria Bergsman)"
4. Panda Bear- "Alsatian Darn"
5. Avey Tare- "3 Umbrellas"
6. Phillip Oskar Augustine- "Only Bleeding"
7. Fox Hands- "Little Flutes"
8. Horse Feathers- "Drain You (Nirvana Cover)"
9. Coma Cinema- "She's a Dentist"
10. Seapony- "Dreaming"
11. Air Waves- "Knockout"
12. Toro y Moi- "Leave Everywhere"
13. Soft Healer- "Movie Light"
14. Porcelain Raft- "The Back of My Eyes"
15. LAKE R▲DIO- "I've Been Gone"
16. Beaty Heart- "COLA"
17. Warpaint- "Undertow"
18. No Joy- "Pacific Pride"
19. Weed Diamond- "Mint in My Mouth"
20. Weekend- "Monogaugh, WV"
21. Blank Dogs- "Blurred Tonight"
22. Outer Minds- "Until You're Dead"
23. Cemeteries- "The Owls Aren't Always What They Seem"
24. Two Bicycles- "The Holy Forest/Forever"
25. Headless Horseman- "KSSD HM"
26. Grouper- "Sick"
27. Blue Water White Death- "Grunt Tube"
28. Yuck- "Rubber"

HaASL Radio Show 10/30/10

1. LAKE R▲DIO- "Magic Eyes"
2. Young Henry- "Paint Fumes"
3. Black Moth Super Rainbow- "Don't You Want to Be in a Cult"
4. Benoît Pioulard - "Sault"
5. Seamonster- "Bearsuit"
6. Phillip Oskar Augustine- "Leopard Thighs"
7. A Sunny Day in Glasgow- "Drink Drank Drunk"
8. Houses- "Soak it Up"
9. Perfume Genius- "Gay Angels"
10. Woodsman- "Insects"
11. SOARS- "Figurehead"
12. Michael Parallax- "Man, No"
13. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- "Bright Lit Blue Skies"
14. Reading Rainbow- "Always On My Mind"
15. Shimmering Stars- "I'm Gonna Try"
16. Coma Cinema- "Tour All Winter"
17. Generationals- "Trust"
18. TV Girl- "If You Want It"
19. Waskerly Way- "Holly"
20. My Friend Wallis- "Be Free"
21. Blackbird Blackbird- "Dreams I Create"
22. Hooray For Earth vs. Twin Shadow- "A Place We Like"
23. Keep Shelly In Athens- "Running Out of You"
24. Luftwaffe- "Old Friends"
25. No Joy- "You Girls Smoke Cigarettes?"
26. Jeans Wilder- "Simpler Times"
27. Purling Hiss- "Don't Even Try"
28. Kinder- "Games at the Field"
29. Topaz Rags- "Crown Center"
30. yuk.- "greenflash(ritual)"