Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HaASL Radio Show 10/23/10

Just a reminder that my indie rock radio show, the one I'm posting these playlists for, happens every Saturday night from Midnight to 2 AM Eastern time, so listen in here: http://www.susqu.edu/orgs/wqsu-fm/index.html

I should be back with reviews and such in a few days, it's just been a kind of busy few weeks. I'm going to try to get a few more indie rock-leaning reviews up here, because I've kind of had a grind bias in terms of reviewing in the last few months (and not to worry, grinders, I have a sufficiently full plate of metal offerings to post about, as well.)

  1. Real Estate- “Out of Tune”

  2. Millionyoung- “Calrissian”

  3. Happy New Year- “Twins”

  4. Velvet Davenport- “Run (feat. Ariel Pink)”

  5. The Nightgowns- “Narwhal Aerobics”

  6. Magic Places- “Through the Map Room Door”

  7. The Declining Winter- “Killer”

  8. Chao- “Baked Apples (Demo)”

  9. Houses- “Reds”

  10. Sun Airway- “Your Moon”

  11. Sweet Bulbs- “Kissing Clouds”

  12. Slow Animal- “Saturday Mourning”

  13. Fergus & Geronimo- “Harder Than it's Ever Been”

  14. Weekend- “Coma Summer”

  15. Guards- “Swimming After Dark”

  16. Kurt Vile- “In My Time”

  17. Deerhunter- “Memory Boy”

  18. Shimmering Stars- “Sun's Going Down”

  19. Eternal Summers- “Salty”

  20. Sleep ∞ Over- “La-Rose”

  21. Cloudy Busey- “Pound Your Town to Hell”

  22. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.- “Nothing But Our Love”

  23. Heavy Hawaii- “Sleeping Bag”

  24. Outer Limits Recordings- “I'm an Alien”

  25. oOoOO- “Burnout Eyess”

  26. Clive Tanaka y su Orquestra- “Neu Chicago”

  27. Philip Seymour Hoffman- “Duckfangs Tickle My Ankles”

  28. Winter Drones- “Between the Leaves”

  29. Wild Eyes- “Death Mouth”

  30. Suuns- “Arena”

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