Friday, October 22, 2010

HaASL Radio Show 10/16/10

  1. Times New Viking- “No Room to Live”

  2. Eternal Summers- “I'll Die Young for Rock 'n' Roll”

  3. Surf City- “Kudos”

  4. Fair Ohs- “Hey Lizzie”

  5. Spectrals- “Chip a Tooth (Spoil a Smile)”

  6. Foxes in Fiction- “Bathurst”

  7. Gauntlet Hair- “Out, Don't...”

  8. Blackbird Blackbird- “Summer Heart”

  9. Small Black- “New Chain”

  10. Saharan Gazelle Boy- “Halfhair Girl”

  11. Dada Trash Trash Collage- “Two Eyes”

  12. Procedure Club- “Art of Ignoring”

  13. Narwhal- “Galapagos”

  14. Yellow Ostrich- “Libraries”

  15. Fox Hands- “Nosebleed”

  16. Valet- “Fire”

  17. of Montreal- “Enemy Gene”

  18. Porcelain Raft- “Tip of Your Tongue”

  19. Coma Cinema- “Greater Vultures”

  20. All Saints Day- “You Can't Be Alone”

  21. Women- “Eyesore”

  22. Beach House- “White Moon (iTunes Session)”

  23. Wet Wings- “Sleep-Tight”

  24. A Sunny Day in Glasgow- “So Bloody, So Tight”

  25. Kurt Vile- “Ocean City”

  26. Coolrunnings- “When I Got High With You”

  27. Avey Tare- “Heather in the Hospital”

  28. We Like Cats- “Money Dubby Money”


  1. Is there a stream on the internet / do you create podcasts of your shows? Figured I might as well ask (being a noob at such things), 'cause I haven't figured out whether I can give your shows a listen somehow, sometimes. :)

    Well, EDIT, sort of... in the middle of writing, I found so it's cool. :D I do suggest putting the how-to-listen info in every tracklist post, though. Also, not that important, but that WQSU-fm hyperlink in the post is broken (check what URL it leads to).

  2. Yeah, this is the actual link: It's just easier on-air to say "" than the right one, and I never bothered to put the correct link in when I posted it.

    By the way, if you happen to see this now or in the next hour and 50 minutes, I'm currently on-air at the moment if you'd like to listen in. I'm not sure what the time difference is, but I'm on every Saturday at midnight Eastern time if you get a chance to check it out.