Friday, October 22, 2010

HaASL Radio Show 10/09/10

  1. Salem- “King Night”

  2. School of Seven Bells- “Heart is Strange”

  3. Museum of Bellas Artes- “Watch the Glow”

  4. Husband- “Love Song”

  5. Slow Animal- “Godz”

  6. Deerhunter- “Revival”

  7. Velvet Davenport- “Warmy Personal Routine”

  8. La Sera- “Never Come Around”

  9. Tennis- “South Carolina”

  10. Coma Cinema- “Her Sinking Sun”

  11. Thee Oh Sees- “You Are in My Glass”

  12. Twin Sister- “All Around and Away We Go”

  13. No Joy- “No Joy”

  14. The Proper Ornaments- “Recalling”

  15. Avey Tare- “Lucky 1”

  16. My Bloody Valentine- “Soon”

  17. Otouto- “W. Hillier”

  18. Perfume Genius- “Mr. Peterson”

  19. Xiu Xiu- “I Luv the Valley OH!”

  20. Ólöf Arnalds- “Innundir Skinni”

  21. Devendra Banhart- “Pumpkin Seeds”

  22. Why?- “A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under”

  23. Parenthetical Girls- “Young Throats”

  24. Small Black- “Photojournalist”

  25. Beach Fossils- “Face It”

  26. Ponchos- “This World is Not My Home”

  27. Stoned Boys- “Dead Friends”

  28. Beggars in a New Land- “The Barnyard”

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