Friday, October 11, 2013

Blast Eats: Closet Burner Late Night Snack

Bloomington, Indiana's Closet Burner are a queer/pro-queer hardcore band with a blistering, bordline-fastcore sound and refreshingly pro-queer/anti-oppression ideologies. In this edition of Blast Eats, Matt, the band's vocalist, fills us in on his short, fast 'n' tasty solution to a day of greasy, unsatisfying utility eating.

xMattx's "Get Your Fuckin' Greens After A Long Day of Eating Greasy Garbage On the Go" Late Night Snack

What you'll need:
Your choice of greens

A piece of lightly toasted bread with veganaise and sriracha folded around a fat mound of greens. Nom.

Check out Closet Burner's Bandcamp to hear their excellent self-titled 12" from last year and grab yr. own copy.

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