Monday, October 22, 2012

Blast Eats: Violent Restitution Lunch Party

This Blast Eats feature has been one of my favorite things I've done with the blog in recent memory, and the coolest part about it has been, unquestionably, the variety not only of the recipes submitted but also in the points of view of the people who have submitted them. People and food both rule for basically the same reason: there are just so many different kinds, and they're all equally cool in drastically different ways. This installment is further proof of that, as Sarah, guitarist for Vancouver grinders Violent Restitution, walks us through a lunch of some of the band's typical eats while on their most recent tour.


These are the items we mostly ate while on our 6 week cross-Canada tour. Items can be dumpstered, some bought. Bread and some produce should be garbage-available, though and we managed to dumpster a half full container of flaxseed oil and that shit is expensive, so score.

Chickpea Grind Sandwich/Kale Wrap
Carrot-Hot Sauce Blast-wich ( Pebbles' specialty)
Iced Mincer (Obviously not for van eating! But when you can take over someone’s kitchen. )

What you need -

Canned chickpeas ( unless you aren't on the road and would rather soak vs canned )
Nutritional yeast
Salt + pepper packages stolen from fast food restaurants
Kale (optional)
Flaxseed oil (optional)
Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)
Pickles (optional)
Tofurky Italian sausage (optional)
Large Carrots
Hot sauce of choice
Dairy Free Iced Dessert of choice
Oreos of some sort

Chickpea Grind Sandwich/Wrap – Beat-by-beat breakdown

-Open and drain canned chick peas onto sidewalk and place into large bowl. You can try to wash them if you want, if not the left over goo-water should make for a farty ride.
-Mash with fork, if you don't have a fork like we did sometimes, you can attempt to use a spoon but it really sucks.
-Add some flaxseed oil
-Add finely minced Tomato
-Add finely minced avocado, or mash into it
-Add Nutritional Yeast
-Add salt and pepper
-Add apple cider vinegar
-Add optional pickles  ( we had pickles towards the end of tour and it was the coolest )
-Grind and mince together

Put a slice of kale on the sandwich, add mash and if you’re so lucky to have tofurky sausage, slice up and place on bread.

For kale wrap, obviously just wrap it in some kale.

Carrot-hot sauce blast-wich, Specialty of Pebbles the drummer.

1 slice of bread wrapped around a carrot. Add Hot-sauce to desired amount. Ingest.
More enjoyable if you have not showered since tour started (actually).

Iced Mincer

1 Container of Dairy alternative frozen ice "cream" emptied into a saucer.
Grind up the Oreos using a potato masher, hammer, fist or whatever you have.
Finely mince banana into mixture.

Mash together, put in container and return to freezer for 20 minutes.

Serve with Oreo cookie, and a slice of strawberry if you’re so lucky to have access to one.

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