Thursday, August 2, 2012

HaaSL Grindcore Radio 7/26/12

As some of you may know, I host an indie rock radio show at my alma mater for the last time this summer before my girlfriend and I move down to Delaware. While I love doing the indie rock broadcasts, this blog and my general obsession with grindcore have had me constantly wishing I'd picked up an extra slot for a grind show. So, since these shows might be the last radio shows I host (and will definitely be the last radio shows on which I get to play music that I actually like) I put together an all-grindcore radio show with a fairly gigantic tracklist as a kind of last-hurrah extreme music show. I always think I sound dumb when I listen to my broadcasts (and admittedly, these aren't my favorite on-air segments I've ever done) but overall it came out kind of sick, so I figured that anyone who reads this blog might like a listen. You can find the full tracklist (broken into two parts) and Soundcloud links to the show below (feel free to download if you like it or to listen to it if streaming is acting weird).

Part 1

Cloud Rat- “Parachute” from their forthcoming split with Republic of Dreams
Suffering Mind- “Dystopicarus” from their split with Phobia
Death Toll 80K- “Profiting on Fear” from Harsh Realities
Wormrot- “Perpetual Extinction” from the Noise EP
Rise Above- “Collect” from I Love to Relax
Priapus- “$12.50” from their split with Old Painless
Sakatat- “Ne Değişti?/Onlara İhtiyacımız Yok” from Bir Devrin Sonu
Ablach- “Christie of the Cleek” from Dha
The Oily Menace- “Fluid Privacy” [Unreleased]
Amputee- “Barren Fields” from their split with Nimbus Terrifix
Cellgraft- “Aphasia” from Deception Schematic
Bloody Phoenix- “Damned Since Birth” from their split with Black Hole of Calcutta
Kill the Client- “The Rest is Over (Nasum cover)” from A Tribute to Nasum


Syntax- “Shape Shifter” from Syntax 2012
thedowngoing- “the economic relationship between productivity & suffering” from ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS
Self Deconstruction- “The Anger Which I Wait For” from the Self Deconstruction EP
The Afternoon Gentlemen- “Kill a Banker” from their split with Suffering Mind
The Kill- “Trolley Pushing Zombies” from the Shower of Bricks EP
Chiens- “Automat Kalashnikova 1947” from their Self-Titled LP
Psudoku- “Possible UniveRSZ” from Space Grind
KiKurachiyo [鞠螺千世]- “Lilith [Shoegrindz]” from Sketchgrind
Three Faces of Eve- “The Culling” from Demo 2007
Cyness- “Preussenpower” from their self-titled LP
Defeatist- “Funeral Loathing” from Tyranny of Decay
Noisear- “Nada” [Unreleased]
Sete Star Sept- “Meltdown” from their split with Penis Geyser
Republic of Dreams- “An Enlightened Macho is Still a Macho” from a forthcoming split with Cloud Rat
Morphic Lapse- “Inundation of Cerebral Error” from Morphic Lapse Demo


Femtekolonnare- “Och bilen går bra” from Välkommen till Växjö
Shaken Baby- “Shades” from Phantasmagoria
False Light- “Rotting Teeth” from their selt-titled LP
Idiots Parade- “Tma” from their split with Abortion
Torch Runner- “Feeding” from Committed to the Ground
Psychic Limb- “Untitled 7” from Queens
Lycanthrophy- “Tighten Your Belts” from their self-titled LP
Gripe- “Go For the Throat” from The Future Doesn’t Need You
Past Tense- “The Dangers of Excessive Marijuana Use” from Demonstration
Iron Lung- “Stone Hands” from Sexless//No Sex
Backslider- “Idiot Hymns” from the Maladapted EP
Robocop- “Room 641A” from the Dead Language, Foreign Bodies split with Detroit
Cannabass- “Bury the Hatchet… Neck Deep” from Gravitational Pull A Rip in Time-Space


Excruciating Terror- “Ignorance is Bliss” from Divided We Fall
Catheter- “Brink of Extinction” from Dimension 303
In Disgust- “I Can’t Forget” from Reality Choke
Black Hole of Calcutta- “Genetic Control” from Black Hole of Calcutta S/T #2
Evisorax- “Generation Control” from Isle of Dogs
Carcass Grinder- “Pansy” from their split with Insect Warfare
Buried at Birth- “Tear My Face Off” from their Discography LP
Nemesis Complex- “Relentless Grinding Eradication” from Enemy
Super Fun Happy Slide- “Gastrological Ventriloquist” from The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario
Black Army Jacket- “Pathogen” from Closed Casket
S.O.B.- “I’m a Dreamer” from Don’t Be Swindle
Red- “Maximum Terror” from Demo
Slight Slappers- “Tokyo Power Violence” from A Selfish World Called Freedom

Part 2

God’s America- “Latter Day/Fickle” from their God’s Junk split with Human Junk
Warsore- “Six Million Slaughtered” from Open Wound
Gore Beyond Necropsy- “Raw Grinding Filth” from Go! Filth Go!!!!
Arsedestroyer- “Untitled 27” from Teenass Revolt
Entrails Massacre- “Hillbilly Rockers” from Crucial Strikes With Attitude
Regurgitate- “Drenched in Cattleblood” from Carnivorous Erection
Narayama- “Manipulado” from Split Tracks
Archagathus- “Insanity Dog” from Canadian Horse
DxIxE- “Sick Stink Hours of Torture” from their split with Realized
Chulo- “Hombre vs. Tombo” from their split with Gripe
+HIRS+- “Gay Magic” from The First 100 Songs
Cogs & Sprockets- “Parades of Greed” from Black Friday EP
Unholy Grave- “Suicide Bombers” from their split LP with Mass Separation


Assück- “October Revolution” from Anticapital
Discordance Axis- “Information Sniper” from their split with Melt-Banana
Insect Warfare- “Digital Target” from their split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Retaliation- “Sweden With Burn to the Ground” from The Cost of Redemption
Dephosphorus- “Stargazing and Violence” from their split 7” with Great Falls
yacøpsæ- “Antagonismus” from Tanz Grosny Tanz


C.S.S.O.- “Cosmic Super Strong Ordure” from Are You Excrements?
Asterisk- “Syntax of Limbo” from Dogma
Swarrrm- “Sky” from Black Bong 

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