Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blast Eats: thedowngoing Nachos

This is the first post I'm writing from my new apartment in Delaware, so I hope that there won't be too much lag between this post and the next one. The Aussie grinders in thedowngoing just released their newest full length ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS last month, and it turns out that grind isn't the only thing that they do extreme. Drummer Muzz (who Mathias tells me is a huge fan of insane food shows like Man v. Food and Epic Meal Time) brings us a killer plate of nachos perfect for your next party (or to dare your friends to finish in one sitting).

Muzz Makes Nachos

Ingredients: Ground Beef/Mince meat ~500g =$5
             Mozzarella cheese (shredded) ~500g =$5
             Seasoning mix ~30g =$1
             Corn chips ~200g =$3
             Sour cream ~300ml =$2
             1 Spanish/red onion
             1 Capsicum/pepper
             1 shallot/spring onion =$2

Nachos are the undisputed champions of taste. If you do this right it will offer you a temporary state of contentment which is all too rare to find these days. First get ~$20 and go shopping (Sydney prices here, I assume its cheaper everywhere else) There's potential to feed an army so either go all out (party)or save some leftovers. Cook up the meat, and season in a fry pan, Add some Tabasco? for spice. Get a baking dish (or 2) and stack Corn chips, then meat, then cheese. 2 layers is optimal. Cook that shit in the oven, should take about 15 min. While this is happening dice up the veggies into a pile. Pull out your Nachos when golden, top with chopped veggies and sour cream.
So that's pretty much it. I recommend consumption while listening to thedowngoing's new CD ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS, and your favourite bottle of beer or cola. Respect each other and enjoy.


  1. could one consume said nachos on the ... WEEKEND?

    1. NO. It’s expressly forbidden in the Hipness as a Second Language Nacho Waiver, as is cross-promotion of any sort.