Friday, December 17, 2010

HaASL Radio Show 11/27/10

1. Destroyer- "Chinatown"
2. Memoryhouse- "Heirloom"
3. Tape Deck Mountain- "P.I."
4. On Volcano- "The Explorer"
5. Catwalk- "No Room for Love"
6. Wild Nothing- "Your Rabbit Feet"
7. Atlas Sound- "Terrarium"
8. Devendra Banhart- "When the Sun Shone on Vetiver"
9. Piresian Beach- "Tambourine Girl"
10. Radical Face- "Doorways"
11. Painted Palms- "All of Us"
12. Houses- "Talamak (Toro y Moi cover)"
13. Lord Huron- "Mighty"
14. Velvet Davenport- "Lemon"
15. Reading Rainbow- "I See Light"
16. Childhood- "Blue-Velvet"
17. Pill Wonder- "My Valuable Hunting"
18. Weed- "Release Party"
19. Rollerskates- "Boyhood"
20. Pure Ecstasy- "Alexandria"
21. Labyrinth Ear- "White Gold"
22. Warm Ghost- "Open the Wormhole in Your Heart"
23. Emily Reo- "On the Beach (Neil Young cover)"
24. Wonder Bear- "We Found the Egg"
25. We Like Cats- "Ruff-a-Lution Dub"
26. Indigochild- "Watcher"
27. BL§§D ØU†- "§PNNR§"

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