Monday, September 13, 2010

Hipness Through the Static: HaASL Radio Show

So, I've been terrible with posting since school started, but do have a bunch of mostly finished entries that should be up in the coming weeks when I have either a weeknight or weekend that I'm not doing work or engaging in debauchery.

However, this semester I picked up a practicum with my school's radio station, applicable as credits since I'm a communications major, and landed one of six coveted "underground" slots (hours from midnight to 2 AM reserved for specialty shows, in which the DJ(s) responsible can play whatever they please, assuming it's clean and within format.) My proposed format was an indie rock show, and since my first broadcast was this past Saturday, I'll be posting tracklistings and trying to link free mp3s/streams/videos when available so people can grab any new stuff that they like. I've got class in five minutes, so I'll keep this brief. Here's last week's tracklist, and don't forget to listen on Saturdays midnight-2 AM Eastern standard time.

  1. of Montreal- “Suffer for Fashion”

  2. Tame Impala- “Solitude is Bliss

  3. Memoryhouse- “To the Lighthouse”

  4. Guided by Voices- “Kicker of Elves”

  5. Tennis- “Baltimore

  6. Real Estate- “Beach Comber”

  7. Cloud Nothings- “Can't Stay Awake”

  8. Thao With the Get Down Stay Down- “Bag of Hammers”

  9. The Morning Benders- “Cold War (Nice Clean Fight)”

  10. Neon Indian- “Deadbeat Summer

  11. Xiu Xiu- “Gray Death”

  12. Galaxie 500- “Strange”

  13. Josephine Foster- “Stone's Throw from Heaven”

  14. Black Moth Super Rainbow- “I Think it is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too”

  15. Memory Tapes- “Bicycle

  16. Wet Wings- “Whisper Always”

  17. Los Campesinos!- “Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time”

  18. Devendra Banhart- “Aperpareplane (Early Recording)”

  19. BARR- “The Song is the Single”

  20. Twin Shadow- “Slow”

  21. Ice Cream Shout- “Tattooed Tears

  22. SLEEP ∞ OVER- “Outer Limits”

  23. Best Coast- “When I'm with You

  24. French Kicks- “Abandon”

  25. Wild Nothing- “Chinatown

  26. Hotel Lights- “Norina”

  27. Candy Claws- “Silent Time of Earth

  28. Sunset Rubdown- “Idiot Heart”

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