Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coffinworm- Great Bringer of Night

I'll be frank: I like doom metal that isn't afraid to do more than just move slow.

That's why I've been jamming Coffinworm's self-released 'Great Bringer of Night' demo so damn much. Besides being doom-as-fuck, it brings a blackened sense of dread that bands slapped with the doom metal descriptor don't always deliver. From opener "High on the Reek of your Burning Remains" (mp3 below), it's clear this isn't a beauty contest, but that fact is a refreshing counterpoint to the polished, overproduced offerings most major metal labels are releasing. At the point that modern recording technology has gotten to, it's refreshing to hear a band still committed to this kind of raw, stinking, ugly metal.

These three angry, distorted chunks of blackened doom metal meat are just a taste of what the group has to offer, as these and three other tracks (including the equally excellent "Start Saving for Your Funeral," also below) can be found on their debut LP for Profound Lore, 'When All Became None,' a record I eagerly await listening to. Don't sleep on these guys as much as I have, 'cause metal like this doesn't come around often.

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